19th Moot

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19th edition of Vis moot, held like every year so far in magnificent Vienna, provided a true and worthy challenge for mooties from all over the world. Naturally, NCU Team took part in this spectacular event.

Moot’s hosts have prepared a case tackling vital and up-to-date concerns of international trade and arbitration. While mooties engulfed by procedural issues had to face a tricky maze of challenging an opposite counsel, their colleagues were dealing with permanently actual problem of claiming damages and attempts to elude from this burdensome liability.

With such absorbing case and under the leadership and guidance of our coaches – Zuzanna Pepłowska-Dąbrowska and Marta Kubica – NCU Team managed to submit on time written memorandums both for Claimant and Respondent.

After dispatching the memorials, we have begun to prepare ourselves for oral rounds in Vienna. To do so, in February NCU Team participated in 4th Warsaw Pre-moot held by the Center for Dispute and Conflict Resolution and the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. There, we seized a chance to test our skills against other mooties from Czech Republic, Germany and Poland.

Prepared and focused for an experience long to remember and treasure we have arrived in Vienna at the onset of competition. In the course of this prestigious rivalry we have been gallantly pleading against the following teams: Nalsar University (India), Perm State University (Russia), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Loyola Law School (United States of America). Needles to point out for the former participants, it is of particular notice, that our noble opponents from India appeared to be the overall winners of the oral rounds in Vienna.

Members of NCU Team left Vienna having priceless experience and already longing for forthcoming edition!

NCU Team took part in 19th Vis moot in following composition:

– Zuzanna Pepłowska-Dąbrowska – coach

– Marta Kubica – coach

– Jacek Krzemiński – procedural matters in memorials

– Tomasz Krzywański – merits in memorials; represented Claimant’s and Respondent’s procedural arguments during oral pleadings

– Mateusz Rydzewski – merits in memorials; represented Respondent’s substantive arguments during oral pleadings

– Wojciech Marszałkowski – merits in memorials; represented Claimant’s substantive arguments during oral pleadings

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