Back from Dusseldorf

On 26th and 27th of February two members of our team – Szymon Sakowski and Tomasz Krzywański  were in Dusseldorf (Germany), where they were representing our team at the CEAC Premoot. This premoot was organized by Chineese European Arbitration Center (which arbitration rules apply to procedural issues in this year’s moot problem), Clifford & Chance, Bird & Bird and Graf von Westphalen. A total number of teams participating in this event amounted to 38, which made it one of the biggest premoots organized this year.

Szymon and Tomek pleaded against University of Jena (Germany), University of Dusseldorf (Germany) and University of Utrecht (Netherlands). We thank our opponents for these pleading, which were on the very high level of proficiency.

Despite the pleadings,  all participants were invited to the CEAC premoot party which was hosted in  the Schluessel Brewery. During the Dinner Speech we had a unusual chance  to hear Clifford & Chance rock band “Bud Jet & The Forecasts”. The fun was delicious and it was also a great opportunity to taste Dusseldorf’s famous Altbier.

Were now back in Poland, some online pleadings ahead and on Thursday we are going again on tour. This time to Czech Republic on the Preague Premoot. See you there!

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