3rd place in Prague

Our team has just come back from premoot hosted by the  Charles University in Prague and the BBH v.o.s.

In this final test before going to Vienna, we were classified at the 3rd place ex aequo with the Lomonosov University of Moscow. The second place went to the Masaryk University and the winner was the University of Helsinki. Best congratulations for the winners!

During the premoot we had a chance to plead against six of twelve participating teams:

– Masaryk University of Brno (Czech Republic)

– Charles University of Prague  (Czech Republic)

– University of Giessen (Germany)

– Lomonosov University of Moscow (Russia)

– University of Silesia (Poland)

– University of Helsinki (Finland)

We also congratulate Maria Łabno from University of Silesia for taking the award for the best speaker. Polish teams are making good scores so far. We thank hosts of the premoot for this wonderfull and hard-working weekend. We hope to see you in Prague next year too!

Now looking ahead for Vienna. Less than two weeks remained….

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