Sunday is a day of huge disappointment and outstanding pleasure. Thank God, disappointement did not have any connection with the competition. In the very morning, when we got up early to polish our English, we checked whether we have got some breakfast. There was none! So, we went to buy some breakfast. But there was no bakery open! Completely different than in Poland. Finally, our couches rescued us.

Than, we were able to focus on the vital task – to conquer Los Angeles. Our plans changed when we familiarized with our charming opponents from Loyola Law School. Finally, LA and NCU danced a masterpiece tango, amusing the arbitrators. Just because it takes two to tango we could not do it on our own. The duel in front of a Tribunal consisting of a Singaporean, Swiss and French lawyers, was a wonderful and pleasant, but still very exhausiting and challenging experience.

We ended the day on a full-team mindstorm resolving hottest issues of the day.

Tomorrow at 8.30 we are planning to conquer homeland of Nova Southeastern Univeristy. Again, keep your fingers crossed. We will see what kind of dance we will dance tomorrow. Hoping for the dance of victory.

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