We do like Mondays!

3rd day of the moot began way too early. Since our pleading was scheduled on 8.30 am, and commuting in Vienna takes a while, we had to get up at 7.00 am! And what is more, the breakfast issue arose again! Usually we hate Mondays (or at least, like Boomtown Rats don’t like it), but not today, because the bakery was finally open. We bought few rolls and a bread with names impossible to pronounce and set off.

The pleading was the nicest thing to have in such an early morning.  Tomek and Szymon gave a convincing speach managing to convince arbitrators that one of the parties to the dispute gave up 30.000 USD of damages with no reason. That is calles a real skill.

Afterwards team divided in two subteams. 1st subteam bought 3 marvellous, fresh books on international arbitration, trade and drafting sales contracts. At the same time, 2nd subteam visited Shönbrunn and its snowy gardens.

The afternoon and evening were sacraficed for the preparations for our fourth pleading in general rounds. This time we will fight againts Bilkent University from Ankara. Keep your fingers crossed again. We will inform You tomorrow.

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