Yes we can!

It is difficult to begin with telling you what precisely happened today. Anyway I (Wojtek) will begin with huge congratulation for our three marvellous speakers – Tomek, Ola and Szymon. They have done a tremendous job during last six months, and proved that their fantastic minds and bodies resistant to stress and tension can defeat more than half of the world. Chapeaux bas!

Let’s begin with the very morning. At 8.00 a.m. we challanged team from Bilkent University from Ankara. Tomek and Szymon gave great speaches, responsed to every single argument of our opponents, and consequently gathered a good feedback from arbitrators. We also provoked arbitrators to the discussion on the nature of e-mail evidence. From perspective of civil law lawyers that kind of evidence amounts to documentary evidence not bound by the rules of hearsay evidence. That couldn’t be accepted by the common law arbitrator, who had a lively discussion with Tomek and the other arbitrator’s who supported Tomek’s view.

Afterwards, we went downtown to visit few of hundreds of beautiful places in Vienna. Dinner. And we went to Austria Center Vienna to listen to who has quallified to the next round. Reading of the list of 64 best teams out of 296 teams from best universities from all over the world started after 18.00. And… Christopher Kee said… The fifth duel that will take place in room 31 of Juridicum, it will be… Nicolaus Copernicus University (God, it was so goooooood to hear it) as Claimant vs Harvard Law School as Respondent!

We arrrived to Juridicum half an hour before our pleading (20.00). We got to know with students and professors from Harvard Law School and took our place behind the Claimant’s table. Arbitratiors served Dr. Vulleity, Prof. Lohmann, and the chairman was Simon Greenberg (if anyone doesn’t know this guy, google him – he’s a man!). Full professional, top of the line arbitrators ready to ask the most difficult questions. Tomek and Ola answered every single of these difficult questions. I am not afraid to call our speech the best speach in the history of NCU Vis Moot Team. But guys from Harvard Law School presented the quality no worse than us. Accually, after the pleading I felt like we have huge chance to win. After a debate between arbitrators, which took more than one hour, they decided in favour of Harvard. I disagree with them, but I’m not an arbitrator.

But I have to share one impression with You. It was a lifetime success for us to quallify to best 64 teams, but there were more pleasant thing. We were standing in front of one of three best universities in the world. We were standing against Phd candidates from Harvard. Priceless 😉

Qualifying to the best 64 teams in the World. Beating about 250 Univesities in the most presigious law contest in the world is a success that is difficult to express. We are very happy.

Congratulations and big applause to Tomek, Ola and Simon again.

We would also like to congratulate Vis Moot Team from Jagiellonian University for qualifying to the group of 64 best teams in the World. Besides, I would like to thank Univesity of Warsaw for presenting a high-class advocacy skills and Silesia Univesity for worthy representation of our country.

We are leaving to do some sightseen. Keep in touch and comment.

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