What’s up in NCU team?

Dear All!

NCU is quite busy team right now. We finished 1st Amsterdam Premoot where two our team members pleaded against six teams from Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. Amsterdam gave us a lot of motivation and positive feelings with regard to our performance. Than we could have tried ourselves during 6th (wow, congrats guys!)Warsaw premoot. All of our team members pleaded against Palacky University of Olomouc, University of Silesia, Cardinal Wyszyński University, University of Nuremberg, Kozminski Univeristy, University of Helsinki, Jagiellonian University and of course University of Warsaw. We took 4th place in Warsaw! And we have  appetite for more! Which teams are going to Hannover and Berlin premoot?? We will be there!!! Keep your fingers crossed for NCU! And good luck to our opponents – the better opposing team the more we learn! Cheers!


Warsaw premoot


Opening lecture in Amsterdam


After pleading against University of Maastricht


Sightseeing between sessions

1899944_207167382818044_1222367538_nSun was shining all the time in Amsterdam

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