Nicolaus Copernicus University Team for the 21st Vis Moot consists of the following members:

Kamila Lipecka

kamilaKamila is a 5th-year law student. Her main area of interest is commercial law. She took part in few IP law conferences and projects. She covered international trade and tort law courses at Universidad de Granada, Spain where she lived as an Erasmus student. In 2013 she accomplished International Business and Trade Summer Law Program organized by the Catholics University of America. Kamila completed Comparative Law Course which focused mostly on international arbitration and CISG. In 2012 she represented  Minister of the Council for Finland in Model European Union simulations. She speaks English and Spanish. She is a volunteer in a local association for disabled children. Additionally, Kamila enjoys reading books as well as watching football.

Joanna Kisielińska

asiaJoanna is a 5th-year law student. She participated in two moot court competitions: 4th World Human Rights Moot Court and 1st European Human Rights Moot Court, in which she received the Best Orator Prize. Joanna has completed the Comparative Law Course and the British and European Law School and passed the International Legal English Certificate. Her legal interests include mainly obligation law in comparative context (especially with German law) and human rights law. She developed these interests during internships  i.a. in the European Parliament and the Council of Europe Brussels Office. Joanna is also a holder of the Scholarship of Minister of Science and Higher Education and scholar of German organization DAAD. When it comes to her free time she is in travelling, playing tennis and baking cakes.

Ada Szon


Ada is a 4th-year law student. She started being interested in international law because of the situation in Darfur. That is why she became Amnesty International volunteer three years ago. In consequence she participated in a project about UN Arms Trade Treaty, Migrants and Refugees. Now she is looking for new international issues to explore and willing to expand her knowledge about international trade and arbitration. She has also been a member of the University Law Clinic. She is currently taking the ILEC and Comparative Law Courses. In her spare time she is a sport enthusiast. She loves watching Formula 1 races and volleyball matches. She cannot live without chocolate.

Daria Rutecka

DARIADaria is a 4th-year law student. The scope of her legal interests includes international commercial law and comparative law. She is particularly interested in American and Russian law. From the very beginning of her studies, Daria has been receiving Provost’s scholarship for the best students. During the last academic year she obtained the International Legal English Certificate. Currently, Daria is spending one semester in Joensuu at the University of Eastern Finland where she can broaden her knowledge of both commercial law, especially e-commerce law and comparative law. In her free time, Daria enjoys learning foreign languages (English, German, French, Japanese) and reading satire books.

Paweł Niesłuchowski

pawelPaweł is a 4th-year law student. His main areas of interest are commercial law, international law, insurance law and criminal law. He was interring for Tuckers Solicitors in London and was representative of ELSA to the 2nd week of 22nd Session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. Currently, He participates in the Comparative Law Course organized by Nicolaus Copernicus University. In his spare time he loves listening to music, watching films and travelling.

Konrad Gortad


Konrad is a 5th –year law student.  The field of his legal interests concentrates on civil procedure and broadly understood ADR methods. Moreover he is fascinated by the ‘mooting’ and possibilities that it gives.His master’s  thesis deals with enforceability of arbitral awards.  He commands  fluent English. His spare time Konrad devotes to the lecture of thrilling books.

He admitted to be a “cinemaniac”.


Szymon Sakowski

Szymon SakowskiSzymon is on his last year of legal studies at NCU. He participated in the 20th Vis Moot and was awarded Honorable Mention for Team Orals. Currently, he studies at Georg-August University in Goettingen. He is interesed in commercial and IP law.


Zuzanna Pepłowska-Dąbrowska

Peplowska (1)Zuzanna is Adjunct Professor at the Maritime Law Unit of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland. Obtained her PhD in legal sciences in 2012. She has conducted her research as a Fulbright scholar at the Maritime Law Center, Tulane Law School in New Orleans (2008-2009). She is a member of Maritime Law Committee of Polish Academy of Sciences as well as Polish Maritime Law Association. She specializes in the field of maritime law, international commercial law, tourist and civil law.





Marta Kubica

SONY DSCMarta is a 2011 graduate of law at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń (NCU) and a student of Business Insurance postgraduate studies at Poznań University of Economics. During her law studies she completed Comparative Law Course and was twice a NCU Vis Moot team participant dealing mainly with procedural issues. Currently area of her professional work concerns insurance law and risk management, however her research interests still focus on arbitration and ADR in general. She is a member of Polish Arbitration Association.





Aleksandra Bączykowska

OlaAleksandra as a master of laws and young pracitioner is currently one of the coaches in the Copernicus team. She specializes in IP litigation, in particular trademarks and patent infringements. She speaks fluently French which is the result of her european scientific adventures. It was last year when she got to the finals with her wonderful team and pleaded against Harvard Law School.




Tomasz Krzywański

jaTomasz participated in the Vis Moot for the last two years as a mootie. Last year with rest of the of the team he got to the best 64. Currently Tomek is working in the Wardyński & Partners in dispute resolution and private client groups. Tomek’s special area of focus is Trust Law.







Jacek Krzemiński

Krzeminski Jacek

Jacek is a 2012 graduate of law at Nicolaus Copernicus University. He participated in XVIII and XIX Vis Moot, in which he was responsible for a procedural part. Currently Jacek is working in one of the local law firms and is in the process of doing an PhD. Jacek focuses on civil procedure, arbitration, competition and commercial law.

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