Premoot in Hannover!

NCU is back from 8th Hannover Premoot and 3rd Hannover Premoot Conference “The Judicialization of Arbitration“. We are totally impressed by the organization, professionalism, great atmosphere, high level of the teams and demanding arbitral panels! It was amazing to experiance the magic of mooting with all the people we met there. We would like to thank many of you: firstly – Leibniz Universitat Hannover – great job, then – opposing teams from University of Gottingen, Marmara University, University of Bochum, University of Wurzburg, University of Giessen and London School of Economics as well as all our arbitrators who gave us very precious feedback. When it comes to Hannover itself – it was soo sunny, warm, tasty and friendly that we didn’t want to come back. Next year we are coming there as arbitrators for sure!



75984_680147122029275_710485434_nOur counsels!




LSEWith London School of Economics


IMG_2859It is not all about pleadings! With Marmara and Jagiellonian team members and Jaschar – organizer of Premoot!

One comment

  1. Thanks a lot for that very flattering article on our PreMoot… It was a pleasure to welcome you all in Hanover!

    We hope to see you all next year as arbitrator in Hanover!

    Save the date: 19th – 21th February 2015!!! 😉

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